I am Rashed Anaba a Republican of Ghana. I am a young man that is interested in helping people to do the things the wish to do to be satisfied and accomplish in life.I am the second born of five brothers in a wonderful family that i cherish a lot, and love to always be with them.

Also I work in a non-profit organization Global wells that help communities and villages to get clean and potable drinking water. (Global wells). A non-profit that is base in USA and works in Ghana to help my people. More information is here.

I like music, tour, my local food, my local people, traditions and culture of Ghana and love to always do music of my own.
Here is video from my music project.

I have made a lot of tours with friends and family form outside Ghana and it has been a great and awesome experience to see friends and families from USA, ITALY, LATVIA, GERMANY, ENGLAND etc. Here is more information and pictures from one of my trip.

I am excited and happy to learn and see more beautiful things of Ghana and the people. It will be great for you to come and we will do it together and I promise you it will be a great achievement to you. Come and know more about my country friends, families and individuals. You are always welcome. Thank you.